The Buddha's Path Program

Buddha's Path

The Buddha's Path Program at InsightLA, under the guidance of Beth Sternlieb and Trudy Goodman, is a structured and deep exploration of practice and study based on the path of Insight meditation.

Our program will familiarize you with essential Buddhist teachings and support a deepening of your meditation practice. Insight, also known as Vipassana, meditation originates in early Buddhist (Theravada) philosophy, psychology and practices for living a wise, peaceful, and harmonious life. We offer these practical teachings in a way that is accessible to everyone who seeks a more authentic and compassionate connection to themselves and their community.

The Buddha’s Path Program is ideal for students who have had some prior mindfulness meditation practice such as and InsightLA basics or MBSR class and are interested in deepening and expanding their knowledge of the Buddha's essential teachings. Like all spiritual traditions, the teachings emphasize generosity, courage, and connection to that which is larger than us. But while our methods are drawn from ancient Buddhist lineage, they’ve been adapted to different cultures over the centuries. Mindful awareness, kinship with all life, wise speech and harmonious relationship – these are a sampling of what we study and cultivate together. The Buddha’s Path program provides participants with tools to help embody healthy living and universal human values. Classes emphasize how we live these teachings in our everyday lives.

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How It Works:

Offered each Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:45 P.M., the program consists of six - to eight-week class sessions. Over a two years period students will be familiarized with essential Buddhist teachings. There is a strong sense of community. Participants can start at any time a new class series begins and move from class to class at their own speed. Students have been known to repeat classes because understanding in practice deepens over time... Each time the class is taken teachings can be heard at a different level.

Class Offerings:

The curriculum for the Buddha's Path Program is based on the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and the Buddha’s teaching on meditation, mindfulness, concentration, ethics, wisdom, and compassion. Each class meeting includes a time to meditate together with guidance and in silence, a teaching, group discussion and support. You will receive detailed instructions and answers to questions about your meditation practice, recommended readings and suggestions for practice at home.

Classes are taught as a mix of study and practice so that students gain an overview of the Buddha's teachings while developing experience with Buddhist practices and meditation. We emphasize the importance of cultivating an embodied awareness moment to moment.