Mindfulness Meditation - How to Start

Meditation - How To Start

"Our practice is about insight. It’s about opening to a way of being that is clear, present, tender and free. It’s about realizing who you truly are in this very moment, not someday." – Trudy Goodman

Mindfulness meditation, or insight mindfulness, is a living practice of learning how to meet each moment fully. This is a loving and courageous way of life based on being present with experience as it comes and goes, with steady attentiveness and balance. When we live in THIS moment (which is the only one we actually have) our life becomes infinitely richer.

While contemplative practices are part of spiritual traditions across all cultures, today mindfulness meditation is a creative part of Western psychology, philosophy and many other disciplines. Mindfulness meditation has been the subject of much exciting scientific research in the last 30 years, and has been proven to help people better manage stress, fear, anger, anxiety, and depression both at home and in the workplace.

InsightLA has been providing the Los Angeles community with mindfulness meditation courses, workshops, and retreats since 2002. For those looking to begin a mindfulness meditation practice at InsightLA, we offer two multi-week courses:

1. Basics of Mindfulness Meditation class
Our popular Basics of Mindfulness class was named "Best of LA" by Los Angeles Magazine.

2. Eight-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program
MBSR is an eight-week program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and taught all over the world in meditation centers, hospitals, and other settings. MBSR classes at InsightLA are directed by Christiane Wolf - the only fully certified MBSR teacher in Los Angeles County.

We're glad you are interested in being a part of our growing community, and wish you well as you begin this powerful work. Upon completion of one of our multi-week classes for beginners, students often move on to one of our other multi-week classes, to learn how to integrate mindfulness into daily life throught mindfulness meditation, or to investigate further the teachings of the Buddha.