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Mindfulness and the Buddhist Sciences

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Oct 22 (Sat)
10:00am - 4:00pm
Santa Monica

Buddhism is a religion for many, but it is also very much a science for those who feel the need to discover reality for themselves. Through history, those have been relatively few, but that is changing nowadays, Today, we will explore reality with various Buddhist teachers, especially, perhaps, the eloquent layman Vimalakirti, who teaches a famous Mahayana Sutra, inspired by several buddhas.

What can we hope to accomplish together in a single day, that makes it worth our while? I intend to use guided meditations, explanations of too often controversial topics, and Q & A dialogues to drill down deeper into the layered veils that obscure our direct awareness of our own hearts' reality.

The Buddha discovered absolute relativity, 2500 years ahead of Einstein, through the rationally experimental and contemplatively experiential insight into void-ness, or emptiness, realized to be equal to the the vibrant relativity wherein we thrive through bliss and love. This discovery was scientific in nature, not mystical or religious, going beyond the understandings of the gods.

Turning to the non-dual relative, he taught the evolutionary causality of karma as a well-evidenced, but not dogmatic, biological theory, long before Darwin and his successors, free of the materialistic reductionism that limits their usefulness. His causal evolutionary theory does not deny the role of the mind, and envisions compassion as the force that develops higher qualities in beings' intelligence, sensitivity, love, and contentment, and the physical mutations that correspond to these excellences.

This day will be experiential, both intellectually and emotionally, as we will enjoy facets of the world revealed by Vimalakirti, rehearse the meditations on developing realistic compassion for oneself, cultivating the altruistic spirit of enlightenment, the process of realizing selflessness, and lightly intensifying the joy of being human in this beautiful world.

We will glimpse the entry to these realizations by opening to realistic bliss awareness, and grappling with the transcending of transcendence that leads to the embrace of the non-dual relativity of love.

Finally, we will try to see the humor in the astonishing happenings around us, and energize ourselves to be part of the solution of the life and death crises that loom, less part of the problems.

We ask that you register at the highest level that you can afford for this event. The proceeds will go to support Tibet House US and InsightLA's endeavors to bring mindfulness to people everywhere.

Here is Bob's TED talk, "We Can Be Buddhas."

Location Details:
Crossroads Elementary School, Community Room
1634 18th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404.

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We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.