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The Zen of Losing Weight - The Positive Choice Model: Change Through Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance and Self-Confidence

Jan 14 (Sat)
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Santa Monica
The Zen of Losing Weight - The Positive Choice Model: Change Through Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance and Self-Confidence

InsightLA welcomes Dr. Joseph Parent, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and Mindful Awareness teacher, who will explain and explore the approach to lifestyle change he presents in his groundbreaking new book, THE BEST DIET BOOK EVER: The Zen of Losing Weight.

Dr. Joe has coached thousands of athletes, artists, and business people to live and perform at their best through mindfulness, self-acceptance, and his unique NINJA System for habit change. In The Zen of Losing Weight, he turns his expertise to challenges of dieting and keeping the weight off.

He'll present the Positive Choice Model, a fresh new perspective on dieting: the freedom to make positive, rewarding choices instead of the pain and sacrifice of strict regimens. Making such choices and setting small, attainable goals makes you feel more empowered to succeed than the usual negative, self-punishing approach to dieting.

The better you feel about yourself, the better you can weather the ups and downs you'll encounter during the course of your weight-loss journey. When you get out of your own way through mindful awareness and unconditional self-acceptance, you have the best chance to accomplish your weight-loss goals.

Joe Parent Book

Join us for an insightful talk by Dr. Parent and learn simple, effective methods that help you shed the pounds and keep them off, without restrictions or struggle. You'll discover how to enjoy food more, and win "the battle of the bulge" at the same time!

There will be time for your questions and sharing, and copies of his books will be available for purchase and signing.

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