Mindfulness for Beginners

Mindfulness for Educators

We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.
Mar 5 (Sun) - Mar 12 (Sun)
10:00am - 12:00pm (2 weeks)
Santa Monica
InsightLA is excited to share this new class for Teachers. Widely regarded as one of the most challenging professions with regard to burnout and fatigue, teaching is profoundly rewarding and deeply rooted in the sense of helping others.

Teaching presents a constant flurry of activity, demands, and distractions that can create the illusion there is no time to mindfully attend to what's going on and to listen to students fully.

Bringing mindful awareness to teaching slows down time and helps to maintain composure, compassion and sensitivity to our students' needs and interests while building the resilience required to maintain our well-being in a highly demanding work environment.

This two-part workshop intended for PK-12 educators will blend mindfulness instruction and experiential activities with time for discussion and reflection.

It aims to help teachers understand, recognize, and regulate their own emotional responses and to more effectively respond to the emotional responses of their students-which results in more compassionate and effective classroom management and an improved emotional climate of the classroom.

Day 1 explores the benefits of a personal mindfulness practice, and Day 2 focuses on learning how to integrate mindfulness into your work with children-explaining key mindfulness concepts and practices to youth at different developmental stages.

Group mindfulness facilitation games and classroom management activities will be presented.

Enroll in both or one of these workshops.

*Please note: It is highly recommended to attend both days to gain the full benefit. However, if it is only possible to attend day 2 we ask that participants have some mindfulness practice experience so they can understand the key concepst of that day.
Location Details:
InsightLA 14th Street
1826 14th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

*This location has a handicap accessible ramp.
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Sliding scale from $75 to $150 per person.

Please pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This helps us make sure those who pay less can attend.

Whatever you pay above the lowest end of the sliding scale is a tax-deductible donation to InsightLA.

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Enrollment Limit:
25 | There are still openings for this program.
Items to Bring:
Comfortable clothing - journal/notebook
Contact Information:
programs@insightla.org or 310-450-1821
We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.