Intermediate Classes

Dedicated Practitioners Group (DPG)

We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.
May 6 (Sat) - Jun 1 (Sat)
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Santa Monica
The Dedicated Practitioners Group (DPG) is a program designed for our dedicated InsightLA practitioners - those of you who have a consistent daily practice and would like to deepen your understanding of the Dharma through study of Buddhist suttas as well as contemporary texts and writings.

Monthly assignments that focus on different aspects of the Dharma (a list below indicates some of the topics to be explored) will be given to you, as homework to study and practice. We're asking you to commit to a daily practice of 45 minutes per day and to have sat at least one silent residential retreat.

This 2 year program consists of three hour monthly meetings, as well as small dharma buddy groups, and two daylong retreats, one in 2017 and one in 2018. During the monthly meetings there will be a 30 minute meditation period, followed by presentation and discussion of the month's homework.

For each monthly meeting there will be two teachers leading the group.

One of the two teachers will be a rotating seat, which will give you the chance to learn from Eric McCullum and a variety of InsightLA teachers over the course of two year program.

Topics include:

  • Creating an inclusive and dynamic sense of community

  • Four Noble Truths

  • Eightfold Path

  • Four Foundations of Mindfulness

  • Diversity, inclusivity and equity in our community

  • Worldly Dharmas: Sex, money, work, relationships, and community

  • Buddhist World Views and Cosmology

  • Dependent Origination and Karma

  • The Bodhisattva Path and Socially Engaged Practice

  • Socially-engaged practice in our communities, for equality, inclusivity, the environment and for the benefit of all beings

  • Embodied Speech and Enlightened Activity

  • Five Aggregates and the teachings of Not-Self

  • Brahma Viharas and the Fullness of the Awakened Heart

  • Working with Emotions, Fetters and Entanglements

  • The Kilesas: greed, aversion and ignorance in all their forms

  • Supports for awakening: the Seven awakening factors

  • Learning from the Suttas, and making them come alive

  • Freedom, Liberation and Nibbana

Cost: This class is a Dana based class. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Dana means generosity of giving. A suggested sliding scale for the program is as follows:

$1,950 (26 classes @ $75.00/class)

$1,560 (26 classes @ $60/class)

$1,300 (26 classes @ $50/class)

Please pay the maximum amount possible as this helps facilitate InsightLA programs and financial aid for other students.

A payment plan can be arranged for you if needed. For more information, please email
Location Details:
InsightLA 14th Street
1826 14th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

*This location has a handicap accessible ramp.
Contact teacher:
Contact by email (expect responses Monday - Friday, only)
This is a donation (dana) class/event.
Contact Information: or (310) 450-1821 or 310-450-1821
We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.