Real Love, A Daylong with Sharon Salzberg

We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.
Jul 29 (Sat)
10:00am - 4:00pm
Santa Monica

“Each of us has a genuine capacity for love, forgiveness, wisdom and compassion. Meditation awakens these qualities so that we can discover for ourselves the unique happiness that is our birthright."
- Sharon

To love ourselves, we must know ourselves. To love one another, we must know one another. But our assumptions, distractions, fears, expectations, and personal sense of unworthiness obscure these kernels of truth. We yearn for connection with others -- but our minds get in the way, constantly spinning judgments about how we are fundamentally alienated from one another.

As William James wisely explained, "Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear. We can train ourselves to change, to hear more of what is out there and to listen less to our limiting and often self-condemning thoughts along the way."

With core mindfulness and lovingkindness techniques, and other meditation exercises, Sharon Salzberg will guide participants through the process of seeing through layers of habit - whether rooted in fear, self-condemnation or other mental conditioning -
to find a truer meaning of love for themselves, for their loved ones, for those they don't know but with whom they share this planet -- for all beings everywhere.

Suitable for both new and experienced meditators, the course will consist of guided meditations, talks and time for questions and answers.
Location Details:
First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica
1220 Second St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

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We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.