Buddha's Path

The Buddha's Teaching on Self / Non Self & the Taste of Freedom

Jul 19 (Wed) - Sep 6 (Wed)
7:00pm - 8:45pm
Santa Monica
The Buddha's Teaching on Self / Non Self & the Taste of Freedom

Through mindfulness and investigation, we develop insight into how we cause ourselves unnecessary suffering by defending our limited view of me, myself, and mine.

In this class through the practice of mindfulness, we will explore the three characteristic of non-self, impermanence and suffering. These are key teachings of the Buddha for uncovering the liberating potential of mindfulness practice.

We will reflect through our practice on the meaning of "No self, No problem".

Insights into the three characterizes are supported by the cultivation of stability, non-harming and generosity. As we find the courage to turn toward present moment experience with mindfulness, we find freedom from the habits of mind that cause harm to ourselves and others.

There will be meditation instruction, talks, time for question and group sharing.

Through mindfulness practice, classical Buddhist teachings, and the science of modern research, we will look at the inherent limits and dissatisfaction of self-cherishing views.

This is class is open to students who have some mediation and mindfulness experience.

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Enrollment Limit:
25 | There are still openings for this program.
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Comfortable clothing - journal/notebook
Contact Information:
programs@insightla.org or 310-450-1821