Sitting Groups

Physicians' Mindfulness Group

May 9 (Tue) - Jun 6 (Tue)
5:45pm - 6:45pm (5 weeks)
Santa Monica
We are very excited to offer this first group for physician support at InsightLA.

This will be an opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness with a specific focus on how this can be helpful for us in our roles as physicians. It will be a safe environment, among colleagues, where we can discuss the challenges of being present in the midst our often stressful, busy days.
We are suggesting as the guiding topic for this round a core Buddhist teaching on the causes (and cure) of suffering but we are open to address what the group is interested in.

Click HERE to a link to a NYT article on research on some benefits of mindfulness practice for physicians.>

And click HERE to a brief article by Buddhist teacher Phillip Moffitt who discusses the relevance of Buddhist thought and practice to care providers.

5.45 - 6.15pm guided meditation (ok to come in late if you have to)
6.15-6.30pm topic of the week, talk by the teacher
6.30-6.45pm discussion, sharing

There is a class starting at 7pm but having dinner and some more discussion at Tacos Por Favor next door afterwards might be nice. We do that for some of our other groups, too.

Suggested topic for the 5 weeks:
The four noble truths for physicians. This is a core Buddhist teaching but it's obviously not about needing to be or to become a Buddhist.
The four noble truths are
1. The fact of suffering in every human life.
2. We suffer because we crave a different reality.
3. There is a way out.
4. Paying attention to how we live our lives and how we practice our deepest values will support the release of suffering (the "noble eightfold path", which explores how we behave, how we meditate, how we see the world and how that is intertwined with how we struggle - or not).

The Buddha is compared with being a physician with the 4 noble truths:

1. Diagnosis: suffering
2. Etiology: craving and attachment to outcome
3. There is a cure:
4. Prescription: the noble eightfold path
Location Details:
InsightLA Olympic
1430 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Please note: Parking is metered every day from 9AM - 6PM, except on Sunday.
*This site is equipped with a chair lift for persons with limited mobility.
Contact teacher:
Contact by email (expect responses Monday - Friday, only)

Sliding scale from $25 to $100 per person.

Please pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This helps us make sure those who pay less can attend.

Whatever you pay above the lowest end of the sliding scale is a tax-deductible donation to InsightLA.

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Items to Bring:
Cushions and chairs are available.
Contact Information:
or 310-450-1821