Mindfulness for Beginners

The Habit of Happiness

Oct 16 (Mon) - Dec 11 (Mon)
7:00pm - 8:45pm (8 classes)
Santa Monica
"It's not easy to find happiness within ourselves. It's not possible to find it anywhere else." So often we think we need outside circumstances to be a certain way in order to be happy. If we had the right job, the right amount of money, the right relationship or...if things were just different, then we could be happy. But happiness dependent upon outside circumstances is precarious at best, because conditions are constantly changing. What if we could find a way to be happy regardless of conditions? Or, to put it another way, unconditional happiness?

In this class, we will learn tools and techniques, processes and practices that will help us learn how to develop habits of mind conducive to enjoying life. We will see that it's possible to make choices that allow us to live with a profound sense of well-being even in the midst of uncertainty.

There is a great deal of suffering in this world. Individually and collectively we face huge challenges. Many of our fellow beings, and perhaps we ourselves, live under oppressive circumstances - financial, ecological, physical, social - and we seem to be swimming in a toxic mix of hate, fear and ignorance. How is it possible, and is it even responsible, to look for happiness and joy in the midst of this?

The purpose of this course is not to deny the truth of suffering, or our responsibility to alleviate it. But in a life of "ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows," if we focus only on the sorrows, we close ourselves off to all the goodness and beauty that is also in this world. This class is about opening to the full range of human experience, and living with authenticity and purpose. We will learn to tap into an innate, underlying capacity for joy and happiness, our true "Buddha nature," enabling us to live with an abiding sense of connection, ease, and love.

Inspired by James Baraz' 10 month's class "Awakening Joy," we will focus for 8 weeks on different aspects of accessing and deepening our capacity for joy. We will use as texts "Awakening Joy - Ten Steps that will put you on the road to real happiness" by James Baraz, and "How We Choose To Be Happy" by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks. The class will also draw from traditional Buddhist scriptures and discoveries in neuroscience.

This class is appropriate for people with some prior meditation experience like a Basics of Mindfulness or MBSR class. Please contact us if you are not sure if the class is for you.

There are 6 weekly classes.

Please Note: There will not be no class on Monday November 13th.

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