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Los Feliz Sitting Group

Los Feliz
Experience the peace, stillness and power of mindfulness meditation in a community setting.

Every Monday at 7 p.m.:
InsightLA Los Feliz Community Sit
3910 Los Feliz Blvd. on University of Philosophical Research campus - there is ample parking in the lots.

We will start with a 30-40 minute sitting meditation with guidance in the beginning, (sometimes) followed by 10-15min walking meditation. The teacher will then give a short talk. We will end with a period of discussion either about the talk or about your mindfulness practice.

The group is donation based. If this is within your means we suggest a donation of $15. Your donation is warmly appreciated and helps us to pay rent for the facility and to support our teachers.

Upcoming Schedule

September's theme is Anicca (Impermanence)
September 5th: Jane Broadwell
September 12th: Lisa Kring
September 19th: Mark Koberg
September 26th: Lisa Kring

October's theme is Dukkha (Unsatisfactoriness/Suffering)
October 3rd: Jane Broadwell
October 10th: Lisa Kring
October 17th: Alisa Dennis
October 24th: Mark Koberg
October 31st: No Sit (Halloween)

November's theme is Anatta (Non-Self)
November 7th: Lisa Kring
November 14th: Alisa Dennis
November 21st: Lisa Kring
November 28th: Jane Broadwell

December's Theme is Finding Joy
December 5th: Alisa Dennis
December 12th: Lisa Kring
December 19th: Michael Stroud
December 26th: Lisa Kring
Location Details:
University of Philosophical Research campus,
3910 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027
*This site is unfortunately not handi-cap accessible.
Contact teacher:
Contact by email (expect responses Monday - Friday, only)
This is a donation (dana) class/event.
Items to Bring:
Cushions and chairs are available. Please dress comfortably.
Contact Information:
or 310-450-1821