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Deepening Your Practice--The Questions of King Milinda: an Introduction to Buddhist Thought & Practice.

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May 7 (Thu) - May 21 (Thu)
This class will be taught by Reverend Kusula Bhikshu*

Today the encounter between Buddhism and Western civilization has been hailed as a cultural event of far-reaching significance, promising to exercise a major impact on both partners to the meeting. However, the first encounter between Buddhism and the West took place long ago, in Northwest India during the age of Alexander the Great, and it resulted in one of the most sublime works of Buddhist literature, The Questions of King Milinda.

This work, preserved in the Pali language, is an imaginative record of a series of discussions between the Bactrian Greek King Milinda (Menander), who reigned in the Punjab, and the Buddhist sage Bhante Nágasena. Their spirited dialogue–dramatic and witty, eloquent and inspired–explores the diverse problems of Buddhist thought and practice from the perspective of a probing Greek intellectual who is both perplexed and fascinated by the strangely rational religion he discovered on the Indian subcontinent.

Just some of the topics covered in the book…

Why did the Buddha refuse to answer certain questions?
Wisdom and reasoning distinguished
Did not the Arahats once show fear
Origin and development of qualities
Aim of Buddhist renunciation
Nirvana and Karma

In simple everyday language this course will explore ‘The Questions of King Milinda' a wonderful introduction to Buddhist thought and practice. The topics covered include most of those questions commonly asked by Westerners such as "If there is no soul, what is it that is reborn?" and "If there is no soul, who is talking to you now?"

Each class will begin with sitting meditation, then the teacher will give a Dharma talk, followed by group discussion.

Financial aid is available--please don't hesitate to ask.

*Reverend Kusula is a fully ordained Buddhist monk who works and lives at the International Buddhist Meditation Center, acts as a chaplain at UCLA and with the Garden Grove Police Department, and is involved in various interfaith initiatives.
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We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.