Mindfulness for Beginners

Deepening Joy

We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.
Oct 19 (Tue) - Dec 14 (Tue)
7:30pm-9:30pm (8 weeks)
By nature, our brain has a negativity bias. We are hardwired to register and remember unpleasant, negative moments much more than positive ones. Studies have shown that in order to be stored in the long-term memory, we have to focus on something joyful for about 15 -30 seconds or it will be lost. What we know from 2500 years of Buddhist practice is that we can set the intention to develop a more content, compassionate and joyful heart. You can decide to live a more fulfilled and happier life. Grounded in Buddhist principles and practices, but accessible to people of all faiths, or no faith at all, this concept provides the jumping-off point for a transformational journey toward a richer, more meaningful, more positive outlook on life.

In this 8 week class you will learn how to:
- make happiness a habit by inclining your mind toward states that lead to true well-being, respecting yourself and others
- find joy even during difficult times and avoid the pitfalls that prevent you from achieving the contentment you seek
- cultivate effective practices for sustaining joyfulness, such as reclaiming your natural sense of wonder and finding joy in the midst of everyday experiences.

Inspired by James Baraz' 10 months class "Awakening Joy" course, we want to focus for 8 weeks on different aspects of deepening our capacity for joy. Each session will start with 30 min of meditation followed by discussing/sharing what we experienced during the week, focusing and practicing on a specific quality (like intention, generosity, integrity etc). After that there will be an introduction to the topic of the upcoming week.

We will use James' book ("Awakening Joy - 10 steps that will put you on the road to real happiness") during the class but also draw from other sources like the traditional Buddhist scriptures and neuroscience.

This class is appropriate for people with some prior meditation experience like a Basics of Mindfulness or MBSR class. Please contact us if you are not sure if the class is for you.
Some work exchange is possible. NO CLASS ON NOVEMBER 23rd, LAST CLASS ON 12/14.
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InsightLA Olympic
1430 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
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*This site is equipped with a chair lift for persons with limited mobility.
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Enrollment Limit:
40 | There are still openings for this program.
Items to Bring:
notepad and pen.
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or 310-450-1821
We are no longer taking registrations for this class/event.